About me

If you're going to walk on thin ice, you might as well dance

Posh Gypsy? “What’s that name all about?”

Well it’s the name of my design business and as a brand, it represents my experience and style as a designer.  I am an explorer at heart and my sense of place is defined by the people and things I love, one of which being my work!

I always wanted to travel but I couldn’t afford a backpack at the time, so I decided to knuckle down and practice my craft for a few years.  I got some big-time corporate and high-octane startup experience in the Tech, Media and charity sectors which helped me plot my course.

I then set off in to the world with nothing but my laptop and sketchbook in a very cool Cath Kidston multipurpose shoulder satchel. Ten years on, my work has taken me to some amazing parts of the World including; Australia, South Africa, USA, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

I believe this background gives me a unique edge – a pedigree built on these eclectic influences and a natural instinct for what links business and design.

Most of my clients approach me through word of mouth and I am proud to have been involved with all the companies I’ve worked with.  Some allowed me to perform Brand transformations, others were looking to launch new product lines and some for a fresh web and print experience.   Please take a look through my portfolio and let me know what you think.